daily Stainless steel coil price in China 05/06/2022

The price of 304 hot rolling is lowered, and the specifications of cold rolling are preferential by 50 yuan, but the overall price is high, and the price of 201 coil is increased by 50 yuan

In the afternoon, the price of nickel in London and Shanghai fluctuated. The disk of stainless steel futures was red. The price of 304 cold rolling remained at 20000 yuan per ton. The price fluctuated up and down, but the transaction surface was less than expected. The transaction price depended on the specification.


304 cold rolling: 20000CNY/TON

304 hot rolling: 19400NY/TON


201 cold rolling: 10900CNY/TON

201 hot rolling: 10200CNY/TON


316L hot rolling: 30200CNY/TON