Stainless steel coil price in China 28/04/2022

Stainless steel coil in China
  • Yesterday, LME Ni rise US $635 to US $33685 / ton; In the evening, the main contract of Shanghai nickel closed up 4860 yuan to 228530 CNY/TON; Stainless steel futures 2206 contract rose 120 yuan to 19455 CNY/TON
  • 304 cold rolling: 20200CNY/TON
  • 304 hot rolling: 19600NY/TON
  • 201 cold rolling: 11000CNY/TON
  • 201 hot rolling: 10450CNY/TON
  • 316L hot rolling: 30700CNY/TON
  • At this stage, the price of stainless steel materials in China is stable, the devaluation of RMB and the decline of shipping charges are a good time for procurement