How to clean stainless steel rust

Adhesion of dissimilar metals: when the incidental rust caused by iron powder or the situation is not too serious, the rust can be easily removed by wiping with sponge or cloth plus neutral detergent or soapy water.

Then rinse with clean water. Be careful not to leave the lotion on it. If it is stubborn, grind and wipe it back and forth with sandpaper or stainless steel brush, and then clean it with cleaning solution.

Attached salt: in coastal areas, stainless steel will also produce red rust in a short time, and the method is the same as above.
How to deal with stainless steel rust

Surface protective film: wipe it with sponge or cloth stained with water-soluble neutral cleaning agent or alcohol. If it is still ineffective, use diluent and light oil essence to remove it. After cleaning, rinse it completely with clean water.