TISCO improves stainless steel cold rolling efficiency

In the situation of more fierce and cruel competition in the industry, TISCO stainless cold rolling plant took the lead in “fast”, quickly implemented the requirements of the company’s “special action for benchmarking and difference finding per ton steel benefit”, inspected the internal benchmarking mechanism of the plant, strengthened the concept of “product operation and accounting production”, optimized the cost and profit accounting system and focused on product operation

Compared with excellent private enterprises, there are still many gaps in some aspects. Compared with Baowu brothers, some key economic and technical indicators are lower in China’s Baowu enterprises. Stainless cold rolling plant shows courage and courage to face the reality. Plant leaders take the lead in true benchmarking and true benchmarking, set up a special class for benchmarking and difference finding, and take “accurate benchmarking and difference finding” as the method, not only for specific indicators, but also for the working ideas and innovative methods behind the indicators, Realistic effect. Focusing on the benefits of 304 and 430 tons of steel, accurately find the difference, carefully optimize the unit consumption of each unit, and accelerate the short and long forging according to the wide width characteristics, continuous rolling intelligence collection, narrow width efficiency, and the targeted control and optimization direction of zoning and sub process route, so as to promote the rapid advancement of all work. According to the characteristics of different steel grades, refine the process standards, control the heating temperature and furnace pressure, study the compound hydrochloric acid pickling process, add corrosion inhibitor and gradually replace the traditional sulfuric acid pickling process, use the technology to release the potential to improve the yield and greatly reduce the acid burning loss of varieties.

Focusing on the market development, loss reduction and efficiency increase of 430 series, ultra pure series and Ba products, a special class for product operation, quality improvement and loss reduction is established to benchmark with benchmark enterprises, so as to comprehensively improve product competitiveness and enhance profitability. Work hard and skillfully, make a good combination of product management, improve the market research of 430 series products, tap new users and expand new channels. Continue to expand sales of high-end products, develop leading brands in the household appliance industry, and promote production, marketing and research in coordination; Improve the user service of general products, accurate judgment and accurate production, narrow the research width of collaborative technology center and relevant processes, increase the proportion of rough edge contract orders, reduce costs and increase efficiency while improving user satisfaction; Make full use of the cost advantage of narrow range area, expand to the downstream, and seize the market share of low-end small household appliances.